Monday, May 11, 2009

Gettin' Cultured

My dad was raised on a ranch. He wears wranglers and western cut shirts, everyday. He wears "nice" boots to church. He watches RFD TV (never heard of it? Consider yourself LUCKY!) He recently retired and with lots more time on his hands he has been becoming more and more savvy with his internet skills - as a result of some tutorials from my brother. My dad's favorite site is Youtube. I find my children sitting with my dad watching the most interesting (sarcasm there) things. When I ask him what he's exposing my children to, he replies, "They're gettin' cultured."
Here is one clip I just couldn't resist sharing with you. This is the type of "culture" we get in my house.


Anonymous said...

HAHA!! Your dad is awesome! I had NO CLUE this even existed so now I feel a little more cultured as well. You should check out another video that I have on my blog. A friend of mine is a first grade teacher and this was a project that he did with his class to win money for classroom technology. It's brilliant!

Michellie-mom said...

Culture in it's finest form right there.