Saturday, August 29, 2009


If I say, "parasites," what do you think of? Foreign countries, right? Returned missionaries who served in 3rd world countries. Guess what? People in the USA have parasites!
It is not uncommon or unusual for an American to have parasites. They come from our foods, our water and our pets! Most of the time, these people don't even know it! What they know is that they feel tired, mentally cloudy, and prone to sickness. Why? Parasites consume the nutrients we eat, so nutrition never gets to the organs that need it. Then, parasites deposit their waste inside of us. Not only does this weaken our immune systems, but it causes illness.
I recently met a mom who has a daughter that was diagnosed with Autism. Guess what was discovered later??? She had a WORM! A worm, eating all of the nutrition in her body and leaving her depleted.
Without health, we really have nothing - no energy, no mental clarity, no physical ability to SAY-GO-BE-DO! Income, travel, education, career, it doesn't really matter if we're losing the greater battle.
Are You Toxic? This is why we (the Naivalu Clan) eat super food and cleanse regularly.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fear of Pain

Today's thoughts while running BAREFOOT (6 miles) was about pain. In my experience, and from some reading, it appears that in general, people in our society fear pain; And those who don't are considered masochistic.
The fear of pain drives behaviors like avoidance, denial and self-medicating - which can present itself in many types of addictions: food, substances, sleep, RX medication, etc.....
David Wood has said, "That which we resist persists." We EMOTIONALLY RUN, from pain because we FEAR it.
Isn't that odd?
Where/when did we start fearing pain? Our ancestors, just a generation ago, let alone 2 or 3 knew that pain was a part of life.
Have technology and conveniences ... our search for efficiency (as author Chris McDougall says in Born to Run)contributed to this love of ease and fear of pain?
What is the cost?
Looking at my own experiences with emotional and physical pain, like leaving to go on a mission, natural childbirth, running a marathon, to name a few, have all subjected me to some degree of pain yet yielded life-altering rewards. The rewards all far out weigh the pain/sacrifice.
So...why do we fear pain? And what do we miss out on as a result? Where will this take us?
This leads me to think about repentance. How often have I spoken to someone who realizes that his/her choices have caused a separation from the Spirit, yet he/she has not attempted to repent because of...... a FEAR of pain, this time emotional/spiritual pain.
What an illusion!
Weigh the perceived "pain" against the joy of cleanliness, rebirth, love! Is there any comparison?
Going back to the physically "painful" experiences, like childbirth - pain is not terrible, it's a type of communication between the physical body, mind, and spirit. It provides information, guides and instructs, alters thoughts, emotions and behaviors; it promotes growth/progess/advancement.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today's Aspen Daily News

Dustin Franz/Aspen Daily News
Sikeli Naivalu, 5, poses for a portrait in Wagner Park on Monday. Naivalu, dressed as his favorite historical figure, George Washington, is a history buff and loves to go to the PItkin County Library.

Thoughts While Running...BAREFOOT

Still reading Born to Run, by McDougall. I can't believe the case he makes correlating injuries and running shoes.
Yesterday I told Sai that I was going to run barefoot.
"Are you crazy?" He said.
"Now that's funny," I responded, "How old were you when you got your first pair of shoes?"
"8 or 9." He responded.
"Does everyone in Fiji wear shoes?" I asked.
"And I'M crazy!?!"
"Ya, well, they've been doing it all their lives." He retorts.
"Well, then, I guess it's time I start." I concluded.

This morning at 5:30 a.m. it was cold. I walked across the street, carrying my shoes, apprehension flooding over me like a tidal wave. I recognized the fearful thoughts in my head, "I don't know how to do this!" Then quickly contradicted the imposter in my mind, "Of course you were born to run!"
The ground was wet from rain. Yet almost instantly, as I began to run, I felt like a child, playfully meandering through the playground. It was easy and fun.
Running is fun!
Our society has killed the natural love for running by making it competitive and painful (through "technology" and "running shoes").
By punishing athletes with ladders and sprints,
By holding track meets where a small percentage of all kids are recognized for speed and the rest left feeling like they're not runners. (Big issue for me. This morning I recreated my elementary school track meet in my head. I remember who was there and who won. Then, while I ran barefoot, I spoke to them, "How many of you can do this? How many of you will be with me at mile 26 in 6 weeks? Who are you to say I can't run?")
Everything I'd read about Barefoot Ted in Born to Run was right on. My foot just knew what to do to avoid rocks and pokies. I naturally improved my posture and speed. And, did I mention, IT WAS FUN!
I've decided I'm going to train barefoot a few days a week. And when I'm with my kids, I will not use the phrase, "Slow down, don't run." If they start to run, I'll run with them. I want them to know that running is natural and fun and that we are built to run.
I'm taking their tennis shoes away and esp. Aisea's orthodics (communist contraptions.)
This is so fun and so freeing.

I challenge YOU, if you hate to run, GO BAREFOOT and revive your childhood joy!
(Honestly, I'm not a bra-burning hippy.....not yet :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This past weekend I was able to spend time with my husband! What a concept! We (along with nursing baby, Josaia) went to Anaheim.
Here is Sai wearing Josaia in a sling and telling him about seagulls:

We had a weekend packed full of new friends, new information on nutrition and new motivation to succeed in life.

Hearing from doctors, nutritionists and individuals on the topics of our environment, our food, and our bodies, has excited us more than ever to get the best into ourselves and our children.
Here is a photo of me at the convention. May I just say that I gained 50 lbs while pregnant. Josaia is 4 months old. I have never gotten rid of baby weight this fast - nutritional cleansing works.
And, I've never had so much milk for the baby! Breastfeeding this time around has been totally different from any of the other 3 boys' experiences. Just look at chunky monkey Josaia!

Here we our with our friend, Ryan Rhoades, who weighed nearly 500 lbs at the beginning of this year. Ryan has lost 163 lbs in 8 months - no joke.

He won 2nd place, $2,000.00, in a fitness challenge. We are SO proud of you, Ryan!!! His whole life has changed!
More than anything, we were INSPIRED by life changes - health and weight are inevitably interconnected to accessing human potential. We beleive that physical self-mastery is the doorway to achievement, impact, and joy. When we are physically limited, we become mentally, emotionally and financially limited. Many people in our society are losing sight, losing hope, of dreams. People don't really dream anymore. The "American Dream," is more of a long, lost legend than a reality. It doesn't have to be. We are living our dreams and we are committed to being DREAM-MAKERS, helping others to rediscover and live their dreams too!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just In Time!!!

I was JUST getting to the point of no return when it comes to my frustration with CDs! I love having kids songs and audio books to play in the car and at home, however, it seems no matter how hard I try to protect the CD's, they scratch within months. I've tried copying them and keeping an "archive" original, yet WHAT A HASSLE! I love what they learn from audio books and how their creativity and thinking emerges, (in contrast to TV). It introduces them to more classic stories and lessons and values being taught in age appropriate language and broadens their interests.

At the library this week, I discovered that they carry Playaways. Are you all onto this already? If not, check this out!

It's a digital book! No skipping CDs, no cassettes, just a book. Plug in the headphones and take it anywhere. You can check them out at the library...or, I just discovered that you can rent them via the mail!
This is incredible! I am SO signed up for 3 books at once - my running has just been revolutionized! Think about it...I can run AND LEARN at the same time! I am SO JAZZED!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New, Competitive Sport - Couponing!

Did you know that "couponing" is a verb?
Apparently, it is.
A few months ago, while in Utah, I was able to attend a Coupon Class. If you haven't jumped on board with this yet, let me just say there is absolutely no reason why every LDS woman isn't doing this!!!
Internet has made the whole coupon world so simple.
Did you know that Safeway stores allow you to upload coupons right onto your store's discount card - no cutting, saving, etc. They just get redeemed whenever you buy the certain item and they're automatically deleted when they expire! I can't wait til every store operates like this.
Ok. Utah people, get with Jodi Gardner and clan. She'll teach you at your home, or at an enrichment, and it's so fun and easy.

Here's the direct website, but Jodi will help you navigate it and understand this.
For the rest of us, there are many websites, but I am falling in love with

Here is the Coupn Queen, herself:

As I've participated in the class and been getting started with this, I have been SUPER EXCITED about the 3 key areas of potential that, "competitive couponing," (as I call it, it's my new endurance sport) has to offer every family:
1 - Saving Money and Becoming Debt Free
By using your grocery savings and applying it toward credit card, car, student loans, etc., you can move toward being debt free even quicker!
2 - Building Food Storage - Hello! Am I the only one who knows in my heart that this is so important, and yet, do I have a 2 year supply? So imagine if Mac and Cheese only costs you $.09 per box on a sale day b/c you have a coupon. Could you get a 6 month supply of it? What if toilet paper is free this week? You can build your food storage FAST without spending a dime more to do it!
3 - CHARITY - true self-reliance means being in a position to help others, I believe. When Coupon Class Lady, Jodi, mentioned how she donates loads of items to the Boy Scouts' Food Drive, to homeless shelters, for Christmas food drives, and even to her niece who is a "poor college student," the light bulb went on. If you have loads of household items like toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners, and food, are you not totally in a position to help anyone who is in need?

As I am a greenie at this - I would love any veterans to share their pearls with me.

And I challenge YOU to join me in seeing who can save the most this month - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!