Sunday, July 6, 2008

Awesome Year

I've been waiting to make this post until I had internet access and my digital camera in the same place at the same time - but I've decided my luck is NOT that good!

I feel grateful for friends and family. I have had an awesome year of connecting and re-connecting with people I love. I have wanted to post pics of some of these reunions, but we'll have to try getting the photos up another time.

I have had 3 great friends (all at 30+ yrs. old) get married this year - and a 4th is not far behind. I love that! I love seeing timing and opportunities unfold in other people's lives.

I have seen several good friends from our old "Laie Playgroup" and it has been AWESOME! They are so much fun to get together with! They kids all play like it was yesterday that we were together in Laie and the moms are just as creative, smart and beautiful (and pregnant) as they were the last time I saw them. (Someone is always pregnant in that group).

I've seen relatives and adopted grandparents and taken the kids to fun, new places.
This week we're in St. George. We went to a small town (Gunlock) rodeo one night and then on the 4th we went to the play of High School Musical. Quite a contrast, rodeo one night - where the boys did a "Chicken Chase," and then a play the next - but it's fabulous! They are learning so much and being exposed to so much. The play was amazing - now I understand what all the hype is about.

Today is just about gratitude - for health, love, dreams and relationships. These are the best days of our life.

(Happy Birthday to Amber and Trevor - friends since childhood!)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The other day....I met a BEAR...A great big Bear...

Oh way out there!

I was running early in the morning, on a trail IN TOWN - right down a residential street, when I saw a fluffy "black dog." As my eyes became more focused, I realized it was a REAL BEAR! "Oh, so cute!" I thought. Then realized, "Wait a minute!!! This is NOT Hogle Zoo!" It looked right at me. I stopped running, so as not to encourage a chase. Then I grabbed for my cell phone to get a photo, but the bear turned and ran into the back yard of the home it was near. It was awesome!

Earlier in June, I was in Salt Lake City, running in West Jordan, and I saw 5 peacocks on the side walk. This week I was running near Snow Canyon in St. George and I saw 2 bunnies. I feel like a regular forrest ranger. I love animals in nature!

Update on the cleanse....

Unbelievable - I'm sorry I haven't been able to blog more regularly, but let me say, Sai and I have gotten more out of this then we even hoped for. It has been LIFE CHANGING not just physically, but emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually.

Starting with me - I have lost 15 lbs of FAT! I weigh now what I did in middle school. I am sleeping so well, in REM, having dreams and getting rested. I have more energy --- I'm waking up at 5 a.m. to go running. And if I were not in marathon training, perhaps, I would not even realize what FUEL it is to my body. But because I am running hard, I have seen it spur my strength and endurance and even speed. I'm running at a rate that I hadn't even hoped for.

(I planned to train for a 10 minute mile marathon, and now I'm doing 9 minute miles.)

Plus - my baby is able to take sips of my shakes in the morning and night and he no longer needs the RX laxative that 3 pediatricians recommended. He is gaining weight, eating better, sleeping longer and having regular, healthy BM's.

Next, dear Sai .....

He has lost over 30 1bs! He is in shock and TOTALLY ELATED!!! He's exercising every day, loving it, and feeling his strength increase, great sleep, and a new mental clarity. He is TOTALLY CONVERTED!

We have learned so much about nutrition - my favorite is the difference (and benefit) of CLEANSING VS DIETING. Cleansing is a gift of gratitude and health for your body - whereas dieting is about food restriction and self inflict :)

I'll share more in coming days (including photos as soon as I see Sai again!)

Here's a glimpse of "before" photos taken the 1st week of June - Kudos to Natalie Norton ( go there to see more photos of our family.)