Thursday, June 11, 2009

Simulations - I

I'm getting serious about SIMULATIONS - creating teaching opportunities is so fun and more importantly, effective. Here's what happened today:

I decided my "Knights of Fiji," (Sikeli and Aisea) needed to venture out on a "Quest of Safety." They had never been around the neighborhood block alone before. I informed them of their "Quest," to stay on the sidewalk, go all the way around the block, not cross any streets and to not go anywhere with any kids or adults. I coached them on what to say if anyone should approach them, esp. if some adults were concerned that they were unsupervised. Armed with their "weapons," (a spyglass in one hand and a stick in the other), off they went.

Just as they rounded the corner, a friend appeared in our driveway in his dune buggy car. The boys love to ride in this topless gas guzzler. I told the friend of our quest and asked him to find the boys and tempt them to ride with him. He agreed, and off he went. It wasn't long before he was back in my driveway, noticeably solo in his buggy. He told me that he had invited the boys to go for a ride. He said Aisea was eager, but Sikeli told him, "No, we won't!" As the driver egged them on, saying, "Come on, it will be fun!" Sikeli shook his head and said, "NO!" And then walked away. Eventually, Aisea followed his older brother.
I was SO ECSTATIC! That was a hard test - to have someone they know invite them to do something they love doing. But they PASSED THE QUEST!
When they returned, I met them at the porch and congratulated them on a job well done. They earned the title of Knights for their bravery and obedience!


Marcee said...

That is awesome!! Way to go boys (and job well done w/the teaching mom and dad!)!!!

Krissy said...

What a great idea! I love that they were able to become a little more autonomous, learned good boundaries and safety skills and what a perfect way to 'set up' a success for them!!

Lindsay said...

Very Cool!!! I think l I need to do this with Conner & Cayden. Oh, and if you keep creating simulations, make sure to post about them for those of us who need a little help thinking of things to do. :) XOXO

JLPierce Ohana said...

Ditto what Lindsay said- I love your examples.

Team Hodges said...

I learn so much from you! Now if I could just implement it in my parenting. Thank you for the great ideas.