Thursday, July 16, 2009

So much for good intentions...

Well, well, well....
I had exciting things to post and I was accumulating great photos along the way to announce that we have moved back to Aspen, CO for the most beautiful time of year! And then, guess what? I lost my camera last week! All of those photos, gone! I think I left it in Denver. We drove to Denver to go to the temple and it was closed, by the way. So that little 3 1/2 hour trip turned into a day at the science museum. That was really fun and we thank Uncle Noa for hosting us.

Ah, life.

I am loving running (marathon training) early in the morning up here at 8,000 ft. I realized that when I run, I dream. I commune with God. I feel alive and invincible. I do not experience doubt and fear. I am happy. The world seems open and available, as if anything is possible. Those endorphins are something else!!!
This is how I feel:

I am a colorful hot-air balloon
rising with the sun
peacefully floating
in the moment
experiencing the cool mist of morn
the stillness
able to move above and beyond

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Kristen said...

I wish I felt like that when I was running!! Go Angel! And at 8,000 ft? You're amazing! I'm trying to figure out when I feel like that... Probably when my whole house is clean, or when I am dancing...