Saturday, April 25, 2009


The word, "Empowerment," to me, is not a neo-nazi-feminist word that should scare anyone. It simply means: to have the ability, and permission, to accomplish something. Disempowerment is the opposite - it's when the environment is controlled by a dominating force which suppresses the individual's agency.
I believe that at times our own choices disempower us - we give our power away to external forces - and live a far less effective, less satisfying, less impactful life, than we could.
I love Victor Frankl's own example from his experience inside of a Nazi concentration camp, detailed in "Man's Search for Meaning." He teaches that while "liberty" (your ability to move about at will) may be controlled by others, "freedom" is completely up to you - it is a state of mind.
Through this type of "freedom," empowerment emerges.
I believe in empowerment - as a principle. I want to empower my children to have and use their inner compass - to have the character to act with integrity and the self-worth to overcome sin.
I want to empower my husband to feel comfortable in his greatness.
I want to empower my friends to live their dreams.
I want to empower LDS women to be truly happy by shedding limiting beliefs about perfectionism.
I want to empower women everywhere to accept their beauty and potential and to not play small.
In order to do any of this - I must first empower myself.
Homebirth was a powerful experience that added to my sense of empowerment. I was able to create a birthing environment that gave me permission to do, say and feel anything I wanted to, anything that felt natural or necessary. I was not inhibited in the least. It provided me with the space to maximize my OWN abilities and strengthen my faith and reliance on the Lord.
Another empowering experience is marathon running, and since I just REGISTERED FOR THE ST. GEORGE MARATHON, coming up in October, I wanted to highlight this empowering endeavor by sharing one of my favorite clips. I believe that empowerment evolves from sacrifice and pain because they are intrinsically linked to triumph, success and greatness. Here is a look at why 5 people run - it hits home for me.


Rachel said...

This is awesome, Angel! You know from the time that I've met you, you have grown LEAPS and BOUNDS. I think everyone who knows you and loves you can see the greatness in you and wants to cleave to you for power! Keep going!!! Keep going!! We love and support you 200 percent! ;)


Anonymous said...

The older guy in the clip was my favorite "the only runner's high I've known is when I've stopped running" - love it. We may have talked about this book before but you should read Marathon Man if you haven't. It's a really quick read but it's unbelievable. Also you should watch this: if that doesn't work youtube team Hoyt. It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

You have accomplished great things in your life! I love reading your thoughts and philosophies about People are empowered by different things, and its so interesting to see what does it for you. Keep up the good work, good luck with your training.