Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Share the Cause

My favorite line is..."anyone who walks away from this, walks away from the obvious." (may be paraphrased).
Really, truly, if we don't have our health, what do we have????
These are some questions I've asked myself lately:
1 - Do I know ANY family that doesn't have at least 1 person with a preventable/degenerative health condition?
2 - Do I know why my kids' immune systems are so low? (Why they repeatedly have colds and coughs).
3 - Do I know what is in the water I drink?
4 - Do I know where my foods come from - where and how they're grown?
5 - Do I know what hormone injected cows and chickens do to my body and my kids'?
6 - Do I see the increase in disease within our society, affecting kids at a younger and younger age?
7 - Do I get that it is an environmental issue - that "toxins" are real?
8 - Is it true what I've heard that this generation of kids will die at an earlier age than their parents - a 1st in the history of America (a "1st world" nation.)
9 - Is it true that obesity just surpassed tobacco as a leading killer in America?
10 - Is it really that common for kids to have bowel/constipation problems? (I thought it was just my kids).
I find more and more moms becoming educated and concerned about these things. I want to learn from any of you - what do you know and what are you doing about it?


Holladay Photo said...

Have you read Animal Vegetable Miracle? I'll bet so, but you'll love it!

We may need to spend a little more on food and less on something else in life to salvage our health and local economies. Shopping organic at farmer's market, growing our own garden and composting. We are working on that this year. I am really concerned about plastics- tupperware, baggies, plates, cups, bottles... It's crazy that stores sell "salads in a bag." So much waste is produced in our food consumption that it's boggling. A good blog that outlines ways to get started in producing what we can in our homes and yards is

Anyway small improvements for our family- we only purchase organic milk and eggs. We haven't lobbied for our kids school to use organic milk yet though. We go really light on the meat- don't really eat it. And I carry a "green" waterbottle instead of using bottled waters. We also do not clean with toxic chemicals- just natural cleaners. Small starts- but it's something.

Mark and I recently did some startling reading about the north Pacific gyres of trash. Tons of plastics collecting in the Pacific-releasing microscopic toxins into the food supply and ocean water. It's the world's dirty little secret...massive dumps at sea.

It's depressing, BUT the cool thing is that there is so much a family can do to significantly cut back the toxic exposure. We can all do something today!

It's time for the slow food movement to take over the fast food movement!

Rachel said...

Yeah, can you believe that in 2006 a million people died to obesity related heart disease? A million people! And that number keeps climbing each year! A new million people will die this year! And that is just in the US!!!! And yet people who are in that danger zone feel helpless and apathetic towards change. Well, for me, enough is enough!!!! I am tired of fast food $#&*! (sorry!) I have been cleansing for 36 days now and I have lost 24 pounds to date! I feel awesome!

For our anniversary this weekend, Josh and I are putting together an organic veggie garden. And I bought myself a whole foods recipe book to complement with my garden!

As I am changing my eating lifestyle, I feel like I am changing myself entirely and it feels sooooo good! Kudos to all who work hard everyday to make the world less toxic!

I am creating "waves" in my household about this topic, and I'll be honest--I secretly like the controversy ;) Because I know I am right this time........

Team Hodges said...

So, what should be used instead of bleach to disinfect/sanitize 5 boys' socks and underwear?

Team Hodges said...

BTW I liked the video clip, lots to think about.