Saturday, August 29, 2009


If I say, "parasites," what do you think of? Foreign countries, right? Returned missionaries who served in 3rd world countries. Guess what? People in the USA have parasites!
It is not uncommon or unusual for an American to have parasites. They come from our foods, our water and our pets! Most of the time, these people don't even know it! What they know is that they feel tired, mentally cloudy, and prone to sickness. Why? Parasites consume the nutrients we eat, so nutrition never gets to the organs that need it. Then, parasites deposit their waste inside of us. Not only does this weaken our immune systems, but it causes illness.
I recently met a mom who has a daughter that was diagnosed with Autism. Guess what was discovered later??? She had a WORM! A worm, eating all of the nutrition in her body and leaving her depleted.
Without health, we really have nothing - no energy, no mental clarity, no physical ability to SAY-GO-BE-DO! Income, travel, education, career, it doesn't really matter if we're losing the greater battle.
Are You Toxic? This is why we (the Naivalu Clan) eat super food and cleanse regularly.

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