Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fear of Pain

Today's thoughts while running BAREFOOT (6 miles) was about pain. In my experience, and from some reading, it appears that in general, people in our society fear pain; And those who don't are considered masochistic.
The fear of pain drives behaviors like avoidance, denial and self-medicating - which can present itself in many types of addictions: food, substances, sleep, RX medication, etc.....
David Wood has said, "That which we resist persists." We EMOTIONALLY RUN, from pain because we FEAR it.
Isn't that odd?
Where/when did we start fearing pain? Our ancestors, just a generation ago, let alone 2 or 3 knew that pain was a part of life.
Have technology and conveniences ... our search for efficiency (as author Chris McDougall says in Born to Run)contributed to this love of ease and fear of pain?
What is the cost?
Looking at my own experiences with emotional and physical pain, like leaving to go on a mission, natural childbirth, running a marathon, to name a few, have all subjected me to some degree of pain yet yielded life-altering rewards. The rewards all far out weigh the pain/sacrifice.
So...why do we fear pain? And what do we miss out on as a result? Where will this take us?
This leads me to think about repentance. How often have I spoken to someone who realizes that his/her choices have caused a separation from the Spirit, yet he/she has not attempted to repent because of...... a FEAR of pain, this time emotional/spiritual pain.
What an illusion!
Weigh the perceived "pain" against the joy of cleanliness, rebirth, love! Is there any comparison?
Going back to the physically "painful" experiences, like childbirth - pain is not terrible, it's a type of communication between the physical body, mind, and spirit. It provides information, guides and instructs, alters thoughts, emotions and behaviors; it promotes growth/progess/advancement.


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