Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New, Competitive Sport - Couponing!

Did you know that "couponing" is a verb?
Apparently, it is.
A few months ago, while in Utah, I was able to attend a Coupon Class. If you haven't jumped on board with this yet, let me just say there is absolutely no reason why every LDS woman isn't doing this!!!
Internet has made the whole coupon world so simple.
Did you know that Safeway stores allow you to upload coupons right onto your store's discount card - no cutting, saving, etc. They just get redeemed whenever you buy the certain item and they're automatically deleted when they expire! I can't wait til every store operates like this.
Ok. Utah people, get with Jodi Gardner and clan. She'll teach you at your home, or at an enrichment, and it's so fun and easy.

Here's the direct website, but Jodi will help you navigate it and understand this.
For the rest of us, there are many websites, but I am falling in love with www.couponmom.com

Here is the Coupn Queen, herself:

As I've participated in the class and been getting started with this, I have been SUPER EXCITED about the 3 key areas of potential that, "competitive couponing," (as I call it, it's my new endurance sport) has to offer every family:
1 - Saving Money and Becoming Debt Free
By using your grocery savings and applying it toward credit card, car, student loans, etc., you can move toward being debt free even quicker!
2 - Building Food Storage - Hello! Am I the only one who knows in my heart that this is so important, and yet, do I have a 2 year supply? So imagine if Mac and Cheese only costs you $.09 per box on a sale day b/c you have a coupon. Could you get a 6 month supply of it? What if toilet paper is free this week? You can build your food storage FAST without spending a dime more to do it!
3 - CHARITY - true self-reliance means being in a position to help others, I believe. When Coupon Class Lady, Jodi, mentioned how she donates loads of items to the Boy Scouts' Food Drive, to homeless shelters, for Christmas food drives, and even to her niece who is a "poor college student," the light bulb went on. If you have loads of household items like toothpaste, shampoo, cleaners, and food, are you not totally in a position to help anyone who is in need?

As I am a greenie at this - I would love any veterans to share their pearls with me.

And I challenge YOU to join me in seeing who can save the most this month - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!

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Jen Lee said...

I LOVE couponing!!!!! I have taken a break from it while we are homeless/remodeling since I don't have anywhere to put groceries righ now. But it has been killing me to pay full price for stuff these last couple of months. Why aren't they teaching this in Relief Society?! The thrill I get when they hand me my receipt and they circle how much money I saved is hard to top :) I love the idea of using it in a charitable way~ wonderful!