Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This past weekend I was able to spend time with my husband! What a concept! We (along with nursing baby, Josaia) went to Anaheim.
Here is Sai wearing Josaia in a sling and telling him about seagulls:

We had a weekend packed full of new friends, new information on nutrition and new motivation to succeed in life.

Hearing from doctors, nutritionists and individuals on the topics of our environment, our food, and our bodies, has excited us more than ever to get the best into ourselves and our children.
Here is a photo of me at the convention. May I just say that I gained 50 lbs while pregnant. Josaia is 4 months old. I have never gotten rid of baby weight this fast - nutritional cleansing works.
And, I've never had so much milk for the baby! Breastfeeding this time around has been totally different from any of the other 3 boys' experiences. Just look at chunky monkey Josaia!

Here we our with our friend, Ryan Rhoades, who weighed nearly 500 lbs at the beginning of this year. Ryan has lost 163 lbs in 8 months - no joke.

He won 2nd place, $2,000.00, in a fitness challenge. We are SO proud of you, Ryan!!! His whole life has changed!
More than anything, we were INSPIRED by life changes - health and weight are inevitably interconnected to accessing human potential. We beleive that physical self-mastery is the doorway to achievement, impact, and joy. When we are physically limited, we become mentally, emotionally and financially limited. Many people in our society are losing sight, losing hope, of dreams. People don't really dream anymore. The "American Dream," is more of a long, lost legend than a reality. It doesn't have to be. We are living our dreams and we are committed to being DREAM-MAKERS, helping others to rediscover and live their dreams too!


Marcee said...

That is awesome!! And you look AMAZING Angel!!

Sherry said...

I totally want to pinch Josaia's little cheeks!

Team Hodges said...

Hey! i left a comment on So What Do You Eat? post. and wondering what you eat to have a good milk supply?